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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do I need to make a reservation? 

A- Reservation is the only way to secure a spot. Although you can just walk in Fri-Sun 2pm-7pm. Reservations are available for large groups and private events 7 days a week, chat with us on our home page!

Q- Is there a minimum age required to throw axes?

A- There is no min age but we recommend ages 10+ for strength and coordination. Kids are also welcome to hang out and watch without participating free of charge.


Q- Are food and drinks available?

A- We do not sell food or drinks at this time, but feel free to bring your own to enjoy during your session. (including adult beverages)


Q- Where is the best for parking?

A- You can park anywhere on Orange Ave. Wells Fargo parking lot can also be used after bank is closed. Our entrance is from alley on the side of Proteus Gym.


Q- I have never been axe throwing what should I expect?

A- When you arrive, you will fill out a waiver. Then, a staff member will get your lane set up. They show you how to throw, and you will be up and running within 5 min or so. The staff member will be near by for you entire 1 hr session. There are games to play, music and more. 

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